RIP Tony Clarkin

Sad to read of the death of Magnum guitarist and songwriter Tony Clarkin.
Never a “fashionable band” and they deserved to have been so much bigger.
I’ve seen them many times over the years and was always a great gig.


And they continued to release quality melodic hard rock all the way through their career. Some of their later albums are excellent examples, well written and well played. The new album due out this year is going to be bittersweet now


My mate is gutted as he’s a long time Magnum fan. It did start the debate amongst us however that we’re now both of the age (mid 50s), where our personal musical heroes will start to move on and bands will cease. Thinking Dio, Lemmy etc. Other band members can be replaced (Dusty Hill for example) but key frontmen or women or pivotal writers / musicians like Tony can’t so that’s likely it with Magnum.