Ripping cd’s on a rainy Saturday morning…

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Is foobar just the ripping software or does it do a DR calculation as well? I see it referenced on the DR.loudness.war website…just curious

Have you had a look at MP3TAG, I downloaded it yesterday and it’s great at automating tagging.

It does other formats, not just mp3 files.

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Sorry I don’t now what DR is but if your referring to some kind of volume normalization across tracks FB2K is capable of that though I’ve never used it.

I might be wrong, but I don’t think you can use that function on Foobar as it’s not supported anymore. Indeed I couldn’t find the plugin in their website.

I actually have it, but it doesn’t make any difference. There’s no consistency in the way people tag classical. My tagging system was developed early in the iPod era, where only a few characters were displayed. I came up with a system which display the last name of the composer and principal performer in the artist field. It works for me, but is by no means standard.

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There is virtually no mention of DSD on this thread, but I have ripped a number of CD’s into DSD format using dBpoweramp. The diskspace is excessive, but the sound quality is far better then WAV or FLAC, IMHO

I do have native DSD recordings but I convert them to PCM at playback time. Even if I don’t the Naim 272 does it instead and I prefer Roon’s conversion so they essentially get treated as hires audio.

I can only assume your DAC works better with DSD then PCM. :thinking:

Following suggestions from members of this forum, i have bought Metadatics for mac ($15cad), and it takes charge of metadata of DSD.

I just snapped a pic from the DR website - I guess foobar used to have the ability to check the dynamic range?

I think I found a workaround to your question @Maury_Finkle

The plugin is not listed in the official component list as it’s not supported anymore (foobar2000: Components Repository), however I found it here: foobar2000:Components/Dynamic Range Meter (foo_dynamic_range) - Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase

You will see the download link at the bottom of the page:

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SACD is not recorded in PCM but in single-rate DSD, i.e. DSD64

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You are right they are. They are the same as dvd disk from what i read. Thanks.