Ripping cd's fails, you hear gaps in the ripped music

I have a new Uniti Star, happy about it.
But there are serious problems with ripping, annoying too.
The star shows: ripping succeeded, but nearly every ripped cd gives some audio drops, gaps.
The cd’s itself have no faults, are oke.
What’s wrong?
I hope you will have the answer to this problem.

It sounds faulty. Contact your dealer.

Existing thread:

Yes I have the same fault on my Uniti Star (which I got in December). If I use a PC running “Nero Burning Rom” software then the CD’s burn fine.
As I have read posts that suggest that this problem has been ongoing for over two years, I suspect the cause is more serious then a firmware update (assuming that if it was just that, it would have been fixed long ago), so it could be due to a fundamental design problem and so cannot be fixed. I hope not, but it is not looking good.

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Same issue on my Star as well. Have had it on two separate Star units.

Best bet is to contact Naim customer support directly with this issue.

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The same problem here.

Did it work at any time in the past?

It had not worked as long as I have owned my Star.

Hi Marcel,
same here: I have just bought a new Uniti Star, have been happy so far, until I started listening to the CDs I have ripped (to flac files) only to discover that some songs show audio gaps, ie for about a second there is no audio in the middle of the song.
This happens with new CDs, and with a no ripping error report at the end of the ripping.
I wrote to NAIM support but got no answer yet.
I was scared when I realized browsing several forums that apparently this problem has been happening quite a lot since years.
I will go and see the dealer and ask if it can be fixed.
Frankly speaking this ripping feature was one of the key purchase drivers for this product, given the amount of CDs I would be happy to store digitally, so I am kind of disappointed.

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Send it back, get something like a dell optiplex from ebay to rip CDs.

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The dealer won’t be able to fix it. So return the unit for a refund or wait on Naim support.

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I would not like to have it refunded, I would rather have it fixed or understand how to avoid the problem.
I hope Naim Support gets back to me. I wrote them two weeks ago on a different topic but they have not answered yet.

As someone who has lived with this for well over 2 years now this is how you can “avoid” the problem:

  1. Rip a CD and listen to it. Make a note of which tracks have gaps.
  2. Connect to the music store on your Star via a computer. You can do this by going to your Naim app and going to Settings → About and using the IP address to access the music store. This will work on a computer connected to the same network as your Star.
  3. You will see 2 folders. One is Downloads and one is Music. Open the music folder. Then open the MQ folder. Your CD should be in there somewhere. If you struggle to find your CD look in the Unknown folder. Then copy the directory of your CD to your computer. DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO FILES IN THE Music FOLDER!!!
  4. Rerip the CD. Relisten to the songs that originally had gaps. If the songs are fine again connect to your Star via your computer as outlined in step 3 and copy the fixed songs to your computer overwriting the files you copied in the first try. Only copy the fixed songs as you have no guarantee that other songs have now not ripped with gaps.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have a directory on your computer with files you know are gapless.
  6. Delete the ripped CD via the Naim app.
  7. Now you have two options. If you have Roon, copy the error free directory to Roon and listen from there. If you don’t have Roon then once again connect to your Star using your computer. This time open the Downloads folder. Create an artist folder there. Copy the error free directory to this artist folder. Once copied the CD will appear in the Naim app in the usual place after a little while and you can listen as normal.

Yes, after two years and two different Star units this is the method I use to get gapless CD rips from my Star. It is by no means fun, but this is what you will have to do :man_shrugging:


Jesus, all this for a naim badge. A ripper is a ripper is a ripper.


Nope, all this is for getting gapless rips out of a Star. Making it sound like people will choose to do this to own a badge really detracts from what is asked here. I provided another solution to the problem mentioned in this thread. Getting another ripper is also a solution if the Star can easily be returned. It is up to the owner to make the appropriate choice out of possibilities at hand.

Also I am fully aware that what a ripper is, does and how they compare, thanks.

Hey great stuff fill your boots. Its only money.

I am just thankful I have not had to rip a CD in a decade.

I’ve had my Star for 3 years and rip quite regularly and had no problems apart from a Ed Sheeran cd which wouldn’t rip,either in the Star or my pc

This is the one things that still confuses me. There seems to be some conditions under which ripping is fine. But glad you are not plagued by this issue. Lucky for me I don’t tip enough for it to kill my enjoyment.

@Richard.Dane Any chance this could be merged with the other thread so it’s clear that this relates to the Star?

Hi Kryptos, thank you for your advice.
I understand the process, even if it looks a bit awkward.
I was reading about dBpoweramp and its feature AccurateRip. Apparently that application would check for you if there is any track with errors in your ripped CD.
Do you know the product? If that is true, at least one could avoid listening to the entire CD to check if there are gaps, and run a quick check at the end of the ripping.

There are too many posts to move now.

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