Ripping CDs

Is it possible to rip and store my CDs on a Naim device without a computer?


What Naim device?

Yes if you use something like a Unitiserve, Uniti Core or Uniti Star, you will need a tablet/smart phone for operating app

While not a Naim device I use Melco CD ripper into their NAS and no computer needed - all done from pressing a button on the NAS box (when the CD Ripper box is attacked) to do it and it gets all the Artwork etc.

So you don’t have to use a computer and there are ways to automate and make it painless. I recently joined the streaming community after die-hard CD-only for years until I heard the ND555 perform - then had hundreds of CDs to rip so wanted an automated painless system that had little to go wrong.


Thanks for the suggestions. I will investigate both options as I venture into streaming.

Or you could look at an HDX if you want all in one CD player and storage device.

Which functions are you keen on avoiding doing with a “computer?” The ripping itself…and/or something else. And why?

For example, is it worth spending a thousand dollars to avoid using a laptop to rip cd’s?

The answer to your question is no because any ripping station or server is, in fact, a computer. But there is plenty of ripping stations available and these allow you to avoid ripping with a laptop or with a desktop computer, as suggested above.

Still, I would advice against doing so for a number of different reasons. The most important one is control over the ripping metadata.

In much the same way, if you buy (high res) files from providers like PrestoClassical, Hyperion, etc., I would suggest to first download them to a laptop or desktop and only in a second step (and after having checked and corrected the files metadata) to transfer them to your server or backup devices.

No matter what you’ll do, make sure that you understand the implications of using different ripping formats, especially in terms of metadata editing and portability, see also Using DAC of NDX2.

For comprehensive information on how to rip, organize and browse your music collection, you can check, among others, the MinimServer documentation and forum at

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