Ripping from a Star

I’ve been fumbling around with ripping CDs to .wav files on my new Uniti Star for some 24 hours and have a number of questions for anyone doing this regularly. Here goes:

  1. Does anyone know whether there’s any ripping/“Music Store”/metadata documentation?
  2. I’ve created my “Music Store” (Naim’s term) on a 1 tb SanDisk SSD. Works fine on the Uniti Star on which I created it. When I connect it to my Nova, the Nova doesn’t seem to recognize it (even after powering down and restarting). Is the storehouse somehow limited to the Star only? (If so, I may have a Naim fire sale…).
  3. The metadata fields are utterly inadequate for classical music. Can one create custom fields? How?
  4. Can one create playlists of “albums” or just tracks?
  5. The ripping software doesn’t recognize multi-CD sets and so creates separate records for each CD. Anyone have a workaround?

My basic impression is that the ripping technology is good (I love the error checking and reporting) but the software for organizing/cataloging the rips is pathetic. Here’s a particularly horrible example.

I ripped a CD with 6 Chopin pieces played by Krystian Zimmerman. The software grabbed metadata for this CD in reissued format as CD 111 of a 111 CD set. It then automatically populated the “composer” field of the search feature of the software with the names of every composer of every piece of the entire 111 CD set! Yet in the metadata record for each individual CD, there is no access to the composer field at all…just artist, album, genre, and track. As far as I can tell, I cannot delete the 50-150 faux composers and their erroneous connections to this single Chopin CD.

Am I missing something/lots of things? If so, please straighten me out. Thanks in advance!

If you want to move the SSD to the Nova you would need to go into settings with the app and reformat the drive, using the option to keep the contents. Personally, I would set the Star up as a server and then play on the Nova this way. This is how I play music on my unitilite system.
As for the metadata issue, Naim use a propriety system that many complain about.

Thanks. Done. Didn’t realize it worked like that. Much better than moving the SSD. I’ll dispense with the fire sale idea (smiley). Best wishes!

Surely the answer is invest in a NAS and some proper ripping software and upnp server. That way you get the metadata right and can stream to either the Star or Nova (or both) seamlessly.

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