Ripping Vinyl with a 282/250

I used to rip vinyl using the line outs of my Uniti2 when I just had that and some speakers, so pretty easy to do, but now I’m using it as a source with 282/250, but the Uniti2 line outs go into the 282.

So, how to rip vinyl using the above? I suppose I could revert back to the old way and bypass the 282/250, but I’m hoping there’s some way possible without the need for DIN or new cables. TIA

Nope. There isn’t… You would need a cable to connect to the 282’s Tape Outputs.

Or, if you have a separate phono stage, you could go directly from its phono outputs.

Thanks Ian…I’ve already reverted back to TT, Uniti2 & speakers, rather than wait for a cable.

Thanks Steve…I do have a Stageline, but I wouldn’t be able to hear the sound through the stereo if I used the phonos for that. Reverted back to the all-in-one for ripping, so all good :slight_smile:

I’ve always been curious about why someone would want to rip vinyl? Doesn’t it go against the belief in analog superiority?

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You have to spend a heck of a lot on a vinyl rig to match digital of much lesser cost!

Not sure this is correct. I had been under the impression that a decent Vinyl rig > Digital of the same cost

My gear is weighted in favor of Vinyl, so my results are atypical, Klimax LP12 > NDX2

There are some sound reasons for ripping vinyl

  1. Not all LP’s are available on streaming services

  2. Digital copies do not get damaged if the user has had a couple of beers

  3. If you have a multiroom system, you can easily listen to your ripped vinyl in another room.
    There is a YouTube video about “ripping vinyl like a pro” which gives some sound instructions on how to do this.

I am sure there are more, a good quality turntable front end is needed, along with a digital recorder capable of at least 96/24 resolution, there doesn’t appear to be a consumer DSD recorder on the market yet. I have a couple more tweaks to make to my Pink Triangle, the split platter, and the record clamp by True Point Audio.

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I’d simply use the line out (Record) function of the 282 and connect that to the digital recorder.
Digitizing of vinyl is well worth while if the music is otherwise unavailable and means you can play it in the car and other digital systems you may have.
For me, it’s mostly 12" remixes that I haven’t found anywhere else at a decent quality.
With ripping at high quality I can listen both casually and in our 2nd home where I don’t have a turntable and wouldn’t want to carry loads of LP’s.

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You’ll need a tape interconnect - 4 x RCA Phono - DIN5. That way your recorder will receive signal from the pre-amp of whatever source you’re recording, and can also send signal to the pre-amp for playback or for monitoring.

Thanks for the replies, all. I’m ripping vinyl at 24/192, and as djh1697 has mentioned, I have a lot of promos and white labels that were scarce when new, so impossible to find now. I also like my tunes on the move, so I can transfer files to my A&K player.

I disconnected the Uniti2 from everything and the line out goes into the ADC- ripping Prodigy at the moment!

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Yes, that’s what the Flat Earthers would have us believe.

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