So far I have always been using EAC for my ripping and was always very happy with the end result. Meaning quality of rips and ease of use. Since recently I have problems that EAC doesn’t connect anymore to the free connection with metadata in the background. The issue is now that the alternative option for metadata doesn’t always give results on classical CD’s, which is an annoyance as I am re-ripping my whole collection with my Melco ripper.

So my question to other forum members is multifaceted…

  1. Anybody a suggestion for a quick fix for EAC to again connect to the free offered metadata and not the poorer options.
  2. If others prefer or use dbpoweramp, what settings do you use - like level 5 or 8 for Flac and other things.
  3. I started with EAC as there was a perceived audio benefit (sound signature), which according to my dealer at that point in time would lead to better results. So I guess can people comment on perceived differences.
  4. Any other recommended options besides the two discussed options ?

I presumed that Melco had proprietary ripping software, am I mistaken?


I am ripping on my pc, so don’t use the Melco itself…

I would have imagined any “gains” to be had (and I’d be in the skeptical camp) are using the Melco together with their ripper for synergy.

I use dBpoweramp and I don’t think there is any way a drive could make any difference as it calibrates the drive and then checks the files in accuraterip database. Unless there was something wrong with your original ripping drive it would seem you’re giving yourself a lot of possibly needless work.

At least compare a Melco 100% rip with a PC -Melco rip before heading down this road.


Years ago when I did all my ripping, I used dbpoweramp because of the quality of the metadata - looking up from 3 databases meant I usually didn’t need to tweak much.

I ripped in Apple Lossless because of my i-pods.
I now use Bubble UPnP Server on an RPi4 to transcode to WAV for my UQ2.

As I have bought the Melco ripper and it gives me even better results as the old rips…

I use dbPoweramp as it uses the same AccurateRip technology as EAC but rips the CDs many times faster than EAC. I find the metadata needs very few edits, if any, compared with EAC but I’m not really in to classical music so I don’t know how well that would compare. SQ there’s no difference to my ears ripping to FLAC level 5 and transcoding to WAV on the UPnP server. You get a 21 day free trial with dbPoweramp so you’ve nothing to lose by downloading it and giving it a go. If you do, don’t forget to enable the shell extensions in settings so you can simply right-click on your FLAC files and edit the metadata.

Bert, I miss something. You have the Melco ripper but you rip on your pc. Why ? Sorry I didn’t understood the reason.

I use dbPoweramp for ripping and edit using MediaMonkey (windows only). The latter allows me to see all my music in one interface which is is very helpful for consistent editing of metadata.

I just got myself the paid metadata plugin and am happy again with EAC…

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