Roadhouse - Jeff Healey The Lost Soundtrack

I really liked the original 1989 film, the recent remake is utter rubbish.

However, the original outing featured Jeff Healey and his music, making it a great watch for fans of blues rock.

June 8th sees the release of several lost tracks originally recorded for the film but never made the final soundtrack.

I understand it can be pre ordered from Jeff’s website or streamed from the usual places on the above date.


Jeff Healy recorded some great music but was even more fabulous live in a crowded club. He toured around Canada a lot.

He sure did, I saw him in Toronto,I believe it was Nathan Philips square on New Year’s Eve if I remember correctly. A long time ago now, but I thought he was spectacular…could of been the booze too.:cocktail:
Thinking back it might have been Ontario place I saw him. I also saw the Who in Toronto around the same time, outdoors…think it was 1992, their farewell tour,lol.

I endured the remake having had fond memories of the original but this remake is just so bad it’s untrue. I simply can’t imagine any director sitting down after makings it thinking we have nailed this let’s release it….


He was also an expert and collector of rare early jazz on 78rpm. Mosaic Records regularly sought out his help on some of their early archival sets.

Awful wasn’t it.

Interesting, didn’t know that.

Jeff Healy had a wonderful radio program on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) where he played early jazz recordings from his collection. He was very knowledgeable about the subject.

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Agreed on the remake of Roadhouse; truly awful.

I was fortunate enough to see Jeff Healey at Demontfort Hall, Leicester, in 1990; an excellent evening.

I shall definitely give these new tracks a listen.



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