Roger Whittaker RIP

I was very sorry to read of Roger Whittaker’s passing . When I said I had bought a RW CD recently it was greeted with bemusement in some quarters .

But I liked him , he came over as a decent person and if people felt he was too bland -maybe for a certain type of listening that its what you want.

The funny thing is if you listen to a certain type of singer such as Matt Monroe or RW on a decent system it elevates them beyond what you might expect.


You’re not alone in adoring the music of Roger Whittaker.

His albums began as my parent’s albums, but his music worked its way into my lifelong affections.

A one-in-a-million voice and superb steel-string guitar mastery has ensured that Roger Whittaker’s music has always remained in heavy rotation, around our way.

Even now, when I have made a new tweak to our utterly hot-rodded LP12, the entire family knows that it is Roger Whittaker who gets the first spin. His albums were just so well produced, back in the late 1970s.

Interestingly, playing Roger Whittaker’s music to our Chinese friends here in China - who have not heard of him at all - always draws a rave reaction!

Thank you, Mr. Whittaker, for your contribution to the soundtrack of my own life.

Our toddler will continue to enjoy your rich legacy.

RIP Roger Whittaker.


Got a couple of his singles in one of the cupboards…. yes, those funny 7” round plastic thingies that spin at 45rpm.


My mum loved him. Part of the soundtrack of my childhood. Seems he lived a good long life. RIP.


Part of my early life….r.i.p Roger and whistle to your hearts content now.

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I rather liked the clarity and distinct intonation of his voice - it comes across very well on a hifi. I remember in the late 70’s digging out my mums vinyl and I remember being blown away by the sound quality of his voice it was so clear and beautifully rendered. Karen Carpenter - was another favourite - wierdly Rumer…is spooky similar…


Yes , I had the same experience earlier this year .

Imagine the look on a dealer’s face when your demo disc is RW , but simple acoustics are I think a great test of an audio system.


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