Role Audio

Anybody using Role Audio’s Enterprise SE speakers? I have them on trial right now.

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I like the design of them - well I am an IBL owner - could you tell us what you think of them compared to your current loudspeakers?


Very attractive looking speakers. How are you finding them ?

They look nice. A couple of positive impressions to be found on t’internet.

Never heard if the manufacturers myself, though.

I called in at Audio Works in Cheadle to listen to an amplifier and they were using these speakers. Very, very musical and with a really nice bass. Woofers are only 4” but the bass is phenomenal, powerful but controlled - dual transmission line apparently. They compare very well with my current Piega TS5 which sound really good but perhaps need a bit more “physical presence “ if you know what I mean.

Next week the Piega premium 701 arrive on trial and I can’t wait!


Musical? Go on?

Had to reject the Role Audio speakers - too much bass. Maybe it was down to my wooden floor with a 4 foot space below but the bass dominated the music. The Piega Premium 701s are still here and I’ve already placed my order for a pair in black. They really are the grown up version of my TS5s - great detail and clarity but with more overall presence. Just what I was looking for.

Oh, my nearest dealer (although not bought anything from them for a while). The owner lives round the corner from me.

Ed or Larry?


Don’t know where Larry lives but his partner, Ed lives just around the corner from me in Cheadle Hulme

He lives on my dog walking route in Heaton Moor.

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