'Roll your own' album cover quiz

Meant to do this weeks ago, but following on from the BBC quiz I thought it would be fairly simple to have our own version, so please contribute your cryptic album cover snippets.

5 to get started which just happen to be next to me, at least 3 I think will be fairly easy:

I know number 4 - I have the original LP, and saw the artist’s debut tour in Portsmouth; came back for a second encore and confessed that they’d run out of songs :laughing: , and which would we like to hear again - only one answer - the title track!


Ah, yes, how do we avoid spoilers, I’d suggest just ‘go for it’.

The image was from the vinyl cover. I was planning just to pull albums out sequentially and take pics but that didn’t work as the next 2 were from the same artist, on vinyl, and ones I’d completely forgotten I had. The albums currently are not in purely alphabetical order due to moving them around in recent years but they’re a bit like a poorly shuffled deck of cards if that makes sense.

Yes, I saw number 4 on the college circuit a few times starting in 79. She had a great live band.

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No. 1

I,2,3 as easy as….

Then it’s more than a Billionaire

No. 5

Another ubiquitous album called Live in Europe.

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Spot on.

Number 1

Number 5

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@suzywong @Collywobbles

Both correct I’m certain, have somehow lost that LP in the last couple of hours.

3rd one £6.99 at hmv…. The eye looks like Sinead O’Connor.


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