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I have a garden office which I am adapting by removing the built in desk and built in storage space as I have retired. It is the usual wooden structure with bi-folding UPVC door/window. There is no brickwork and the walls are plasterboard inside the wooden structure. I have a good CD player and Dynaudio Focus XD 30 speakers in there. I can stream Qobuz Hi Rez. I have wired internet so that is not an issue. I am thinking about improving the acoustics in there. I would welcome the Forum’s knowledge/experience in this area

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@Thomas and @PeterR are the specialists here. I am quite sure they will help you.

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It could be worth scanning through the Don’t buy new speakers -The listening room reality thread [link]

Dear FR, I am unsure whether this is a plot or just a poisoned challis. If I had Dartagnan’s hat I would bow and sweep it off my head to you in my humblest posture for mentioning my name in this regard :innocent:.
An expert I am certainly not and I am sure, if the word ‘ overdamping’ is not mentioned we shall stay the best of friends also going forward… :hugs: ATB Peter

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Hi pumpexch.
As mentioned I am no expert but have been on a bit of a journey with my own listening room, which turned out to be somewhat of a challenge accommodating a pair of Fact 12s moving in. I have had to sit down and learn about room acoustics and have spent 14 months finally implementing the necessary acoustic treatment ( experimenting endlessly) to make the room-speaker interaction work to my liking.
The first thing to recognise is what are you not liking sound wise from the system in the office and what system would you consider ending up with in there.
Everything depends on how serious you are about getting a system to work for you, are you going to do it or are you prepared/ willing to get Pros in?
A wooden structure is bad news, being loaded up with bass I am sure it will boom like buggery and creak like an old barque in a storm.
You could check out on YouTube, where I remember DF talking about building a listening room in a wooden structure, and from memory he was suggesting to build the walls around no less than 12x3 inch struts.
I have a no experience with a wooden structure whatsoever, as I have only done a room with the usual breeze blocks/ plasterboard configuration.
If you can manage with an SPL no where near like, what your main system can throw at you, of course you could be on a winner assuming you are only looking at this space to accommodate a small second system? :thinking:
ATB Peter

Peter, there was no irony in my post. I didn’t changed my mind at all for the necessity in all cases to have a room acoustic treatment.
But I believe it’s necessary in some cases and room issues.
The OP asks for an help, so I am sure you are the right guy here to help him.

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I would contact Lukas at GIK , for free advice. Maybe they have some experience of treating a wooden room.

A lot of the problems I associated with room acoustics where down to the combination of components as when I went for a more powerful power amp the slightly boomy bass I thought was caused by my wooden floor disappeared. The higher rated amp was able to get a hold of the woofers properly and that tamed that slightly wooly bass.
Another experience I had was with professional speaker isolation platforms which I found completely killed the bass.

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I agree that it can sometimes be the equipment that’s to blame. In my case, it was a preamp upgrade that more or less eliminated the bass issues for which I had always blamed the room.

Thanks to all but especially to PeterR and Folkman. I am having the built-in desk and storage units removed which will give more flexibility as to speaker placement. I will then evaluate how the sound matches up to what I reasonably hope for. My main system is a 500 set of kit so I have very limited expectations for the garden office. The speakers are active so I am not looking to add anything else - that’s why I bought them for the office. I should have added that it’s about 16 feet by 12. So far, the bass does not boom at reasonably high listening levels. The speakers are adjustable electronically to adapt to placement positions - near corners, walls etc

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