Room Dimensions for supernait 3 + olympica nova 2

Hello everyone!

This is my first post here, I just purchased my supernait 3 and I am really happy with it!

I currently own a pair of lumina Vs and I have listened to the olympica novas with naim electronics and it sounds great for me. I am planning to build a music room from scratch, it is a new house so I can build it however I desire. The only restriction is that it should have a working desk inside it (office).

Any suggestions for the room dimensions or even a different speaker pairing?


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Welcome to the ‘Asylum’…:wink:
Several of us have custom created dedicated listening spaces. Mine is an insulated cabin at the bottom of the garden.
The Supernait 3 is a superb amp to be the core of your system, but the only way to really understand how your speakers are going to work, is to create the space and then try them out.
I am not qualified to advise on creating the space, but many members are and I’m sure several will be along in due course to advise on materials and construction methods.
My one piece of ‘Advice’ is to enjoy the experience, but remember, it’s all about the music in the end😊

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My amp and speakers are pretty similar to yours as I have Supernait 2 & SF Cremona M’s. I’ve listened to SN3 and Olympica II’s, too (not the Nova II).

My living/dining room is around 480 * 680 cm. I think my gear works very well in my listening room. The former Spendor ST’s, as refined as they really are, could not fill the space properly.

And yes: Naim electronics with SF speakers is a great match,

Hope this helps.

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