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Good evening sirs ,

I went into a shop to ask a question about the M scaler.
I was thinking of adding m scaler to my sound system:
qutest/2hicap/282/300 until the dealer first asked me for photos of my room.
once he saw the pictures he told me that chord and naim would need a different room. what do you think about it? Is it true that Naim can’t play in all rooms but only in the “dumbing” rooms?

Thank you


For best sound quality the vast majority of domestic rooms would benefit from a greater or lesser degree of acoustic treatment - but that has nothing to do with the brand(s) of hifi gear.

Did the dealer give any more info as to what he felt was wrong and/or what needed to be right?

(BTW, re your intro, there are women members here as well as men!)

to tell the truth, I think he wasn’t enthusiastic about the combination of chord and naim because he claimed that few rooms could be suitable for this combination. he then advised me to change the source by replacing the chord qutest with the gold note. what do you think?

I have no idea what the Gold Note is like - best way to find out is to hear it. But it seems to me very strange to base the suggestion on photos of your room. I’m not sure how common it is to add an MScaler to Qutest, nor what the effect is like - maybe someone reading this will have done that. There is certainly a question as to whether it might be better to upgrade DAC instead, obvious if you like the Qutest would be TT (or, but far more costly, Dave!)

What speakers do you use? (Would they benefit from upgrading?)

Harbeth M40.1

He has M scaler for sale but advised me against the chord with naim in my room. Telling that it’s a pairing that sounds good in a few rooms.

Weird. Especially as you clearly like the Qutest with your Naim amps! If it were me I’d ask him what exactly is it about the room that he thinks clashes with the combination, and why he thinks that, and what sort of room he thinks suits.

Did he ask about your speakers?
What size/shape room do you have, and is it very reflective or absorbent?

Perhaps he just wanted to sell you the Gold Note.

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Presumably you are happy with your system which combines Chord and Naim so why would you listen to someone who who is trying to tell you it doesn’t work?

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I don’t know anything about the motivations of your dealer, etc, but it’s not necessarily a daft question.

Your room has a massive effect on the resulting sound and it may be in their (dealer) experience that it’s not good value for money to spend when the room is compromised.

I am NOT saying that you wouldn’t hear an improvement but that subjectively it might be poor value. My experience in moving my system from room to room, house to house, is that the same system can offer much more in more suitable rooms.

Personally, I think if you want it buy it. I think the room treatment could be a red herring. With times as they are now I would have thought he would bite your hand off for you to buy it.

Very strange.

Room treatments are not always necessary and sometimes impractical and shoukd not affect your purchase.

Look, I am not an expert on Chord but this sounds like b****it to me.

He is doing himself out of a sale. Dealers can be really weird and at times really up themselves. Sorry to say it. As a builder if I turn up in work clothes they look at me like a piece of ####. Little do they know what system I have and what a good customer I could be.

Having said all that maybe he is a good dealer and has your back and is invested in you. Maybe he could give more of an explanation.


If the M scaler is available at a significant discount, I’d go for it. If not, I’d choose a different dealer. I’ve never heard of Chord/Naim being especially picky over rooms, nor do I see how a single photograph without, say, a floor plan can give more than very partial information about room acoustics.

I agree with @Bobthebuilder the dealer wants to sell you a Goldnote.


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