Room treatment

Just thought I’d post my experience of adding some simple room treatments to my listening space.

Well, I’m absolutely amazed at the difference they’ve made. There’s more detail and the sound stage has increased vertically. I would also say there’s more depth too.

So what have I done. Well that’s the truly amazing thing, all I’ve done is add 3 600mm x 600mm acoustic panels above my sofa, with about 300mm spacing.

For context, I recently auditioned an ND555, while it was good it wasn’t what I’d hoped for from an 18K upgrade… while my 80 quid panels have made an huge difference.

I guess my listening space was pretty poor to begin with, but it’s left me wondering what else I could do.

Happy Easter!


Don’t try the nd555 again, it might be costly!

Yeah I was thinking the same.

More a Catalyst 12 V Cisco switch , much more cheaper :grin:

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Room treatment is hugely important, but often ignored. How thick are your panels?

I made some bass traps from Rockwool RW60, (60 kg per cubic litre) because I couldn’t buy anything ready made that fitted neatly into the corner spaces. Mine are about 400 mm thick. I’m looking to buy some Helmholtz resonators to tackle the really low bass which absorption cannot deal with.

Wow, that is dense stuff - 60 tonnes per cubic metre! 3x as dense as gold!

I ordered an osmium platform for my turntable, 15 kg weight. I hope it will be effective. I can’t return it back.