Roon 3 months for $1 Offer


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Signed up, quite straight forward.

Iā€™m only doing it to see what the fuss is about, who knows I may be converted.

Looks OK, but trying to get the app on my MAC to see the QNAP NAS was a challenge.

Seems to be working now. Works through my 1st Gen Muso and Unitilite using an Airport Express. Early days.

You may be able to run the roon server direct on your qnap, that would be better than running the server on your mac and attaching network storage to it.

Yes, got it running on QNAP. Just not sure how to use it from there!!!

So thats the server sorted. You now need an endpoint. Do you have a naim ready device nova or what ever?

No, not a Nova, a Unitilite and 1st gen Mu-so. They work via an airport express with optical into the Lite and airplay to Muso.

They are both working, so maybe not as ideal as having a latest gen Uniti/seperate, but good enough for the trial.

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