Roon Access to Unitiserve Database and Backup

Is it possible to use the Unitiserve data base to feed the Roon Core on a network and if so how do you set it up?

Moreover given that I am unlikely to rip CDs or download music in the foreseeable future then is there a process to do a one off back up to a USB hard drive from the Unitiserve? I am acutely aware that I am reliant on backup on a network based NAS and a catastrophic network event could leave me having to re rip a lot of CDs.

I ask this because I am currently using my NAS back up to feed Roon Core but the download folder backup appears questionable for some reason.

It can be used to have access to the files via its samba mount but that’s it, there is no access to the database. If you have your files as Wav then it won’t be able to have access to any metadata and likely not find or badly match a lot of as this data is not stored in the file but in the unitiserves database.

OK thanks, I thought that was the case. I will just have to continue to use the NAS and verify the downloads back up although that has largely been done now. In all fairness, the metadata in Roon has not required a lot of work so that side appears OK. I will also try a USB hard drive one off backup from the NAS.

Roon will work just fine with a Unitiserve. I’ve even put DSDs on my Unitiserve, just to keep my library all in one place, and although the US server can’t play them, Roon can.
The US server does then become redundant, so if you are committed to Roon, you may decide you don’t really need it and want to store the files elsewhere. If so, convert everything to FLAC before moving it, then you can copy it to wherever you want.

Same experience here as Chris. Roon sees and plays the WAV files on the U/S without issue, adding metadata as needed. Regarding backup, copying to a USB drive is (usually) straightforward. Connect to the U/S Music folder, then drag and drop to the USB drive. Repeat for the Downloads folder.

@ChrisSU: Great idea storing DSD files on the Downloads folder. Will try this.


Thanks All. Done it now and working fine.

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