Roon - All the music I never knew I had!

Being retired does have its bonuses insofar as I can spend time on a project without being disturbed, instead of just the evenings and weekends when there are other pressing jobs to be done.

I decided to give Roon a go and am currently on the 14 trial. Installed on a 2008 Mac pro with dual processors, 32 GB Ram and a 1 TB SSD as boot disk and the music library is on a dedicated 3 TB normal disk. I’ve also gleaned info from this wonderful forum and have setup LMS2Upnp which is also running on the Mac using Automator. All the End Points! have been recognised as either their own type Muso and Muso QB (V1) using Airplay, Bluesound as a proper Roon device. Others such as my NDS and Lindemann MusicBook are using the Squeezebox identity.

I’m loving the Roon interface and discovering musical connections that I’ve never imagined, so benefitting from what the software is supposed to do.

I have two questions and would appreciate advice from fellow forumites.

  1. The NDS is very nice using the SqueezeBox ID but I have had a few issues with some high res and CD quality tracks, usually at the beginning of an album where I don’t get music but just get a load of white noise. I have managed to switch this off by activating the Use FLAC compression in the device setup. I wonder why this is happening on just a few random tracks and whether it would affect sound quality. I’m trying not to muck around with the DSP settings to keep things as simple as possible.

  2. I have a spare digital transport, pretty high quality which I have connected to the digital in of the NDS. Roon recognises this as a high quality transport and so far it operates flawlessly through my NDS. However, what might I be missing in sound quality using the NDS digital in as opposed to the SqueezeBox stream.



I’ve had the white noise problem too, but only on Unitiqutes as my NDS is fed mainly from a Sonicorbiter.
I’ve just updated the LMS2UPnP software and it sounds good. Using Roon, I can’t hear any SQ between the LMS and the Sonicorbiter.
BTW please can you tell me how you set up the Automator? It would be good to not have to rely on the terminal.
However, as an aside, I’m also experimenting with Raspberry Pi with Digi+ - but no luck so far.

Hello there, got the instructions for setting up the Automator from the Naim forum, have a search using NDS and Roon. Some very useful stuff from kind and knowledgeable forumites who have shared their experiences.

Still have the white noise but it goes away when using the FLAC compression switch in Roon. I edited the LMS2Upnp config file as it was using 48K as max resolution and I changed it to 192K and after a very critical listening session last night (as my free trial is about to end) I was very pleased with the result. I really connected with the music and just couldn’t stop adding tracks and was throwing high resolution, Tidal and normal quality tracks into the play queue and certainly I could really hear the extra space around the sounds on the high res tracks, even my DSD version of DSOTM sounded better than I have ever heard it.

I have a CHC555 Power Supply arriving for my NDS in September so hopefully that will lift things further.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the tip - I’ll search again. Another skill to master, I’ve always wondered about Automator.
I’ve just succeeded in getting the RPi with Digi+ HAT working, which means that at last I can listen to hires on my ‘Qutes (well two of them anyway).
Good luck with the 555 - must get mine DR sometime, but I guess it can wait until service time.

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