Roon and 272 - How to setup?

I could need some help in setting up 2 parametres using the 272 with a ROON enabled innous zenith, upnp brige from small green computers and using Lan - and it’s working nicely :grinning:

  1. Roon Settings/Audio/Device setup/Muiltichannel mixing/ either Downmixing As Needed or Channel Mapping only ???

2 Innous Settings/Choose DSD operation Mode/ either Transcode to Flac (No dsd support) Or DSD over PCM (dop) or Native DSD .??


I think you can use native dsd. But you have to try it.
The dac can handle dsd formats. But not all.

If that not works pick dsd over pcm.

Multichannel you can set on downmixing.
The 272 can’t handle multichannel.

Thanks, I will try it out

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