Roon and HQ Player

Because HQ Player is installed on my server, thought I’d give the demo version a go. After a bit of a phaff, got it working and tried the million tap filter with 15th order linear noise shaping thing :man_shrugging:. Haven’t got a clue what that means, but a bit of research had suggested it was a good combo. It certainly upsampled the stream as can be seen.

However, can’t say I heard much of a difference. Anyone else tried this with different results?


I assume your using your Prestige server to do the HQPlayer processing?

Does the Topping DAC or Pre accept the HQPlayer output (run NAA), or are you using something to host the NAA?



My Prestige is running Roon, HQP Server and NAA. As I understand it Roon hands over all the signal processing to HQP, and HQP outputs an upscaled PCM stream to my DAC. When I go into the HQP settings I see my DAC connected to it.

Do you have the Prestige outputting direct into your DAC? USB??

Yes, direct to DAC via USB.

Ah. My prestige lives in the loft. I am toying with experimenting with HQPlayer again, just to hear how it stacks up against my M-Scaler. I would need to have an endpoint near my DAC, a la Sonore etc.

When I last tried HQPlayer, a number of years ago, it definitely had an effect, but frequently this was of the blunting nature.

Out of interest, did you try native Roon before plugging in HQPlayer?


I use Roon all the time, and HQP is an experiment. If you run HQP NAA doesn’t that mean it’s available anywhere on the network? An end point may give better SQ perhaps.

I believe that if you run HQPlayer remotely from where it is doing the processing you need an HQPlayer client next to your endpoint DAC, the Network Audio Adapter.

Do you usually use Roon upscaling?

Not tried Roon upscaling, will give that a try although suspect it won’t make an audible difference if HQP doesn’t. I guess the effects must be DAC related.

I would have a play, really quick and easy to do.

Add the 3db headroom. If your DAC can take it I would do 4 x base rate, e.g. 4 x 44.1, 4 x 48 etc.

I generally run without, but there are certain ‘problem’ albums that I find it does assist with.

Be interesting to hear your Roon vs HQPlayer thoughts.

I use HQP with Roon nowadays. It upsamples the signal going to my Holo Spring 3 DAC, which is a NOS DAC so it greatly benefits when the signal is upsampled. The difference in sound quality compared to upsampling done with Roon native DSP is very clear. There’s a ridiculous amount of possible setting configurations (which all sound different) to try but I’ve been using the ones recommended by HQP developer Jussi Laako. ASDM7ECv2 modulator, poly-sinc-gauss-long filter and DSD256 upsampling. Sounds superb.

But yes the difference HQP does depends on what the DAC does after it receives the signal. NOS DAC obviously does nothing so the HQP upsampling is everything that happens. Most DACs do some kind of upsampling of their own so no matter what happens in HQP, DAC makes its signal processing after that.

Also remember to check if your DAC supports DSDx48 and how many bits it supports.

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I presume you need a DSD source for this to work as you describe it?

BTW my DAC supports 32bit PCM 768kHz and DSD512 native.

My Roon core and HQP Server are on Lenovo ThinkCentre m70q mini pc running in a different room. I stream over local network to living room where iFi Zen Stream works as a HQPlayer (NAA) bridge which outputs USB to the Holo DAC. Zen Stream supports up to PCM384 or DSD256.

My set up is similar except my server is also running HQP NAA.

Your settings appear to relate to DSD format files:

Do you have DSD files, or are they converted in HQP? If the latter how is that done? (I did try some fiddling in HQP, but got no music, just white noise.)

I have zero DSD-files in my collection, it’s ~95% PCM 16/44.1 and rest is hi-res. I upsample everything to DSD256 with HQP.

How do you do that? Can you screenshot your settings?

Don’t just copy all settings. DAC bits and 48k support for example are DAC specific settings. Leave them at default if you don’t know what they should be for your DAC.

Thanks, although my control panel looks a little different…

I was unable to get DSD output, other than white noise, probably if I persevered I could find a setting that got it working, but as the PCM processing made no difference I suspect my DAC is doing its own thing with what it receives which renders external upscaling unnecessary.

Anyway, it sounds awesome as it is, and I was only trying to satisfy my own curiosity which I have now done.

The Chinese seem to be leading the way for affordable, great sounding DACs at the moment.

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Also in DAPs the Fiio M11 Plus is outstanding and is now fully Roon Ready. It’s become my main listening rig Naim doesn’t get much of a look in.

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