Roon and volume control

I’m happily using the Naim app on I-Pad/I-Phone to control volume of my 552/ND555 system via system automation (I believe its called). Still considering Roon for the usual reasons however will I easily be able to control volume from the Roon app? Are there any other downsides?

No downsides that I’m aware of, I use Roon, via MacBook, iPad and iPhone to control volume, no issues works fine.

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Roon cannot access System Automation volume control. You would need to go to the Naim app or remote for that.


Roon will not control the volume, but the Naim App still will. You can use both on your iPhone or iPad. Use Roon to do everything but volume; use the Naim App to control volume. That’s what I do.

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Sorry, forgot I was using couple of Novas which will differ as they are Roon end points, should have noticed reference to 552/ND555.

OK thanks but ND555 is also a Roon endpoint

I may be old fashioned but I just use the Naim remote to adjust volume when using Roon. In fact, while using the Naim app I still use the remote despite being able to adjust via the app.

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Actually I do some of both. If I’m in the room, I use the remote. But when we’re in the next room over, I use the phone app.

If you get a Logitech Harmony hub you can install an extension into Roon that will enable the volume control in Roon. The Logitech Harmony works as an ethernet based IR blaster. I use this to control my 282, using my NDS as the streamer (lms-to-upnp as a bridge).

It seems reliable, albeit a bit slower than the naim app or remote which actually makes fine tuning volume easier.

WIth the new IOS I’ve also added a volume widget to my iPad’s home screen which allows volume control without needing to open an app.

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Remember that the +/- volume control used on the Naim app and remote simply activates a tiny motor in the preamp that turns the volume pot. It doesn’t know what the volume level is, which is why it can’t use a slider or display a numerical volume level.
What you can do is activate the digital volume control in the streamer instead. This will give you greater convenience, but probably reduced sound quality, and was apparently only included as it was a requirement to gain Airplay certification from Apple.

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