Roon & auditioning new speakers

Hello chaps
After the lockdown I’m itching to go and audition new speakers. I’ve got my NDX2 & XPS dr running Roon at home and I love it. My question is how do I pitch up to a dealer with my listening list without just writing a list on paper. Is it a USB stick or do I bring my iPad? Cheers.

FWIW - The dealer I use just hands over the iPad and I just pull up the tracks I want to play. Certainly can create a play list and delete at the end.


If you have a locally stored connection I would just copy it to a USB stick. Depending on what you are going to demo, you could plug it into a Naim streamer, or a NAS, Core, or whatever your dealer has. Or take your Roon Core with you and use that

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I was intrigued by the fact that Naim’s playlist was “published” after the Bristol show. How do you do that?

You can share any Qobuz or Tidal playlist by copying it, then pasting the link.


Thank you.

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