ROON for APP v5.11.2 / n272

I assume i have to wait for a update to the NAIM app to get ROON to play through my N272?

The N272 will never be Roon compatible due to hardware restraints.

You will need to add an external streamer or use workarounds that can stream Roon through UPnP.


Also you dont use the Naim app for Roon on the streamers/all in ones that support it. Roon is controlled by its own app and eco system outside of the Naim app.

If you connect a Sonore MicroRendu or UltraRendu to an input of your 272, then you can most certainly enjoy Roon, so long as you have a Roon Core somewhere else on your network.

Hope this helps, BF

U use this set up?

Have a look at the calibre of Sloop_John_B’s system.

I am about to buy an UltraRendu to see just how good it really can be when feeding a top end dac. The server is also on order, so I’ll post my impressions over the coming weeks.

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