Roon not connecting to Qobuz

Just curious if anyone using Roon and Qobuz has experienced problems with Roon accessing Qobuz?

I run Roon on a Mac Mini. Roon connects to my local NAS and functions as designed; however, I have had problems recently where Roon just hangs when I attempt to access Qobuz through Roon.

I can access and play Qobuz files through the Qobuz app as well as through Audirvana but the same files are inaccessible through Roon. No problems with my local network or internet access.

This is happening more and more frequently. The last time it happened (about a week ago) the problem didn’t resolve until the following day.

I’ve tried logging out from Roon and Qobuz (from within Roon) and even reinstalling Roon but the problem persists.

Just curious if others have experienced the same problem.


There is an issue on Roon currently. Many users on their forum reporting issues.

Thank you. I will just wait to see what happens.

Yeah, it seems one can still play albums in your library but not really search or explore anything else.

Will have to wait for Room to fix the issues.

I had checked to see if there was a recent update but that didn’t seem to be the case.

I never thought too much about how Roon works–I assumed it was a standalone program on my computer and, aside from any updates, was not subject to any external influences.

Well if it accesses Qobuz stuff, it depends on Qobuz to that exent :slight_smile: If it is the same issue that has crept up repeatedly for a subset of users over the past months, it is a Qobuz server-side issue not a Roon issue, and both parties are working together to get it fixed once and for all. If it’s like in previous instances, give it a few days and it will automatically work again. If not, post in the support thread on the Roon forum.

FWIW, all working just fine for me

I finally got around to doing a 3-month free trial of Qobuz. Roon connects to it and the search feature found what I was looking for and played it just fine.

It was confirmed on the Roon forum that there was a technical issue causing the problem. Seems to be occurring more frequently recently. Usually works fine.

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