Roon Nucleus One

Roon has announced a low cost Nucleas - Roon Nucleas One.

From the site:-
Turn-key simplicity
“Nucleus One is a purpose-built turn-key device specifically intended for Roon. Enjoy easy set-up, plug-and-play simplicity, and automatic updates… no computer or networking skills required.”

“Nucleus One achieves our ultimate hardware goal - to create the most high-value, low-cost Roon Server possible while retaining the same rock-solid operation, performance, sound quality, and stunning aesthetics customers expect from Nucleus.”

Features include:

  • The most affordable dedicated Roon server on the market.
  • Delivers Roon OS reliability and performance to all Roon users.
  • Flexible connectivity: two USB-A, and one audio-only HDMI port.
  • Provides space for 2.5” internal SATA drives for up to 8TB library storage capacity.
  • CPU cooling is assisted by a quiet internal fan.
  • Precision molded, modern matte black, high-quality polycarbonate enclosure.
  • Exterior design aesthetics evoke those of Roon’s new flagship Nucleus Titan server.

Cost $499.
Shipping in May.

Very Interesting. I am tempted to try it.


Thanks for the post. Like you, I am also tempted to take a look when released!

I think there could well be nice performance increases…with the new architecture. I tried a powerful X300 Ryzen 4750g setup with Roon … I am sure it was better sounding than the vanilla Nuc.

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I called Henley Audio (UK Distributor) as this appears a good replacement to my aging Mac Mini server.
They have no info on UK availability, 15th May is US only.
They remain the UK distributor and advised to call back after the US launch date.

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Update from Roon:

Thank you for reaching out and expressing your interest in purchasing the Nucleus One from us. We’re happy to share that pre-orders for the Nucleus in the UK will begin at the beginning of Q3. Rest assured, as we approach the launch date, we’ll keep you updated and ensure a smooth process for all our valued customers in the UK.

Wow. That is very late. I wonder why that is.

Phased regional launch, that and the need for different power supplies, certification etc.
I have been pondering replacing my Mac Mini with a newer one but it’s overkill as it sits on a shelf in the garage running headless and only for Roon. At this price point it’s attractive and purpose built. I’m not someone to obsess over the power supply and cabling, I’d want to set and forget in that sense, but inevitably, it still gives headroom for the tinkering inclined to explore.

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