Roon on a NaimUniti 1

I recently had my original Uniti serviced and upgraded to the 192 card (awesome service from Naim). I’m currently using the Uniti as a streamer (limited toSpotify and Tidal) into my Lexicon AV amp.

I’ve been playing with Roon (with Qobuz) and wanted to see if I could get the Chromecast I was using to work with the Naim following an earlier topic ( Uniti upgrade? ) and a post by @ChrisSU .

A simple AmazonBasics HDMI Audio extractor and a Chord Coax digital cable later and its all working surprisingly well!!

Longer terms plans involve a Naim ND5 XS2 or a Meridian210 but it’s doing a decent job at the moment

So you managed to get a regular Chromecast working, as opposed to a Chromecast Audio? If so, that might be useful to know for anyone who has one.
If you want full Roon RAAT you could look at a Sonore UPnP Bridge, but if you’re going to move to the current Naim streaming platform, you won’t then need any of these workarounds.

Hmm Chromecast Video devices are limited to 48/24 as far as I know so you won’t be getting Higher than that and it will downsample anything higher.

Indeed…the Chromecast is limited, this route is somewhat of a ‘sticking plaster’ for me (surprised at the SQ for something very cheap - had most bits already). Chromecast Audio devices seem to be discontinued, however much of the content I’m streaming at present isn’t available at the full higher resolution.

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Yes, the Chromecast Audio was discontinued a while ago, but you can still find them on ebay etc. Then you wouldn’t need the HDMI extractor, but as you’re already up and running, I guess it’s not really worth worrying about.

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