Roon problems

I have massive problems with my roon set up with many “scans” of the server/core.
roon core/sonictransporter i5, melco and wlan router are all connected to lan- switch.
does one know if roon starts to re-scan source if the the wlan has interruption/ is weak?
many thanks folks!!!

@CrystalGipsy maybe?

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I take it you’re just using the Melco now as the file storage for the Roon Core. If so is the Melco doing something (is its UPnP server still running or have you stopped this ?) that’s causing the Core to think somethings changed on the store and making it rescan.

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thanks james_n,
yes, I run it as the storage- but this is a good point…I’ll try if I can to switch off melco’s upnp capabilites now!

it seems this was really the case- watched roon for a few hours without re-scan melco!

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Good news :+1:

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