Roon pushed the button

Finally pushed button and got a perminant licence … love this program, should have done it a few years ago…


Feels like an odd time to do it, but good oh.

My licence was due to renew shortly…and I didn,t want to wait until the very last minute - just incase there is another price rise…

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Good move. I did the same a few months back - wish I had done it a few years ago rather than the annual subscription. Proved expensive though - I also bought a Roon Rock NUC!

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I adapted my own noisey NUCi7 to passivley cooled -and installed Roon Rock … seems good. But… I did try Roon on an Asrock X300 mini pc with a Ryzen 4750g processor running windows 10… and to my ears it sounded better than the Nuc …faster, better imaging and bass. It was quite notciable… the NUC sounded more relaxed. This is something I intend to try in a year so… I think the x300 has more sophistingated power delivery to the key elements of the pc board.

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This is interesting! even Roon die-hards and Roon marketing do not claim this!

It surprised me…there is definately a sonic change…others have also reported it…the downside…is Roon Rock may not work on it…I think there is someone on the Roon forum who has tweaked the code…I will check it out when I have more time on my hands. Running windows for Roon is not great…constant updates and computer activity…shuffling things around.

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