Roon /Qobuz dropping out NDX2

I half think that I might have read others have a similar issue, but I can’t find any threads. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

My NDX2 keeps dropping off the list of connected devices within the Roon front end (macOS), resulting in music (either streamed from Qobuz or on my local NAS) stopping. This can be for a few seconds, or like now, many minutes.

Is there a root cause for this, and if so what is the solution? Turning the NDX2 off & on again via the remote doesn’t solve the problem.


EDITED TO ADD: The NDX2 is connected via wifi, with a static LAN IP, and signal strength is excellent; and until a couple of weeks ago I never had any issues at all.

Not sure why you have a static IP set, DHCP works just fine and ensures you get the correct netmask, DNS and gateway entries.

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My network is comparatively complicated with ~100 end points, and I like to try to keep things “organised” #OCD :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Even more reason to let DHCP do it’s job.
You do actually mean a proper static IP and not a ‘use same IP’ setting on your router?

You have a local network issue. More than likely a wireless connection issue. Can you not try wiring it in at least temporarily to see if it sorts it out. If your using wiresss on your Roon core as well this can compound the issue. This could be an update to your hardware that’s changed some setting or your now getting some interference from a neighbouring system that’s causing it to drop. Reboot your network gear might help.

As for using fixed addresses unless your using them for everything your best using DHCP on the router and using its reserve ip address or use fixed ip address and not on the devices themselves. DHCP is there for a very good reason, I have a lot of devices but use DHCP and DHCP reservations if I want to keep up address for a device.

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