Roon Radio discoveries

Roon 1.6 has a feature called radio which plays similar music to a “seed”. A seed can be an album, track or genre etc. It searches outside your library into Tidal and Qobuz. I have found many albums that I would never have come across otherwise through this feature. Perhaps we can post the best of these finds in this thread?

This is a beautiful album I came across

from a seed of




I’ve been meaning to reply to this thread for some time now, so here goes:

Just discovered this album - ‘Starseeds’ by Kerri Powers

from a seed of:


I had never come across Kerri Powers, but hers is a really nice album with a beautiful version of the standard “Polly”.

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Another ‘Blues’ based one which worked for me:

Another artist I new very little about: Toni Price - “Sol Power (Live)”. I particularly like the tracks ‘Funky’ and ‘Train Fare’.


from this seed: Pops Staples - “Don’t lose this”


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Discovered this today…

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