Roon setup - Adding a network share - Mac OS

Hi All,

I’ve decided to give Roon a try and I’m currently going through the set up process.
I have all my music set up on a Synology NAS drive.
When going through the set up process, Roon ask me to specify the network share location. My question is, how do I find this?
I’ve been in to Finder and can see my NAS drive but it doesn’t seem to give you ‘network path’.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.



If you select a music file on the nas through finder, is there an option to see the full file path? From that you should be able to get the first hit needed to get to the top level where the music files all reside.

Found this

  1. Find the file whose full file path you need in Finder and right click it.

  2. Click on the “Get Info” item in the menu that comes up.

  3. Once the Info window pops up, find the “Where” section. It will display the full directory path to your chosen file.

Thanks Robert that worked… Didn’t think of looking at the music files … I was looking at the top level of the root directory.

Now to see if I can get this to work with my NDX(1)… Wish me luck, it looks tricky LOL

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