Roon sold to Harman. Implications?

Just seen this on Roon site.

Good or not?

We’ll see what happens when the honeymoon is over… I’m sure Harman will do what they eventually have done with other brands under their umbrella. Harmanifying them.

Hopefully given the space and funding to develop. Lifetime subscribers protected - hopefully it will stay that way.


Indifferent until my subs up for renewal. They need to get their house in order as it’s been a shambles for months with each release full of bugs and performance problems. I was eying up moving along because of this so this may finally seal that, depends on a few other things.


This is a very jolly good news for Roon lifetime subscribers! As noted, this issue was nagging at the back of my mind since I bought it.

This is probably due to some fundamental architecture and design flaws. You cannot make it better if your foundation is weak.


Until they decide to make all new versions sub only and you have to pay again like Audivarna does to get new or improved features. There are several ways they can weadle out of this. I imagine Roon themselves have good intentions on this fronr, however they no longer own the Co or its IP this is now the board of Harman and Samsung. I think big business works considerbly different to a small company in its pursuts of profits.


JBL is just boring main stream products under the hood and AKG they killed too. I have no good feeling of anything they touch. What they are great at is paying company owners that want an exit after many hard working years. I’m sure that’s what happened over at Roon too even though the public statement always is the same.

Revel is owned by Harman. Excellent speakers, And I’m not sure what Harman has done to make them less so or even different.

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Only time will tell which way it goes.
But i wouldn’t be buying life membership right now. As what does life membership actually mean ? Anyone know what the small print says on this.

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I would also recommend not to buy a lifetime license for the time being, Roon can go either up or down, more likely down, belly up!!!

There must be a reason why the Roon owner decided to sell it.


Even worse was when the excellent Harmony remotes was bought by Logitech, who after a few years decided to stop support and then close it down completely.



As Harman clearly don’t need the money I’d imagine if you want a lifetime licence now is the only time to buy one.

They were just available whilst Roon needed a bit more money during its growth phase.

I probably wouldn’t myself now (as I did in 2016) but I’d be very surprised if this is an option for much longer.



I predicted a while back that Roon was a minority sport that would soon be hit by the law of diminishing returns as manufacturers designed their own apps and included sufficient functionality that users wouldn’t really care enough about Roon features enough to pay for them. Innuos Sense probably the finest example of that but others will be along soon enough. Roon is going to be squeezed on all sides until it dies. At best you’ll see some of the tech incorporated into Hartman apps but nothing which costs so much you’d have to pay for the app.

Lifetime membership was always meaningless as ally’s h things are when it comes to IT but even if they were to maintain a facade of it continuing there is zero chance of it having meaningful updates. Absolute mugs game to pay for Roon from this point on.


Gettting a great exit is always the dream. Or they were just tired of the grind of software development. No matter you do the code or try to make someone else understand what to do :slight_smile:

The buyer probably has some plan to expand the market.


Yes, they would do, but it can end up like Logitech’s acquisition of the Slim Devices, and it was the end of the legendary (at the time) Transporter.

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You measured the amount of Roon certified equipment after the purchase did you? Perhaps not.

At this point neither of us know the explicit impact of the purchase on certification. What we have always known is that the amount of devices certified is not a measure of the popularity of Roon. It’s a measure of the number of devices certified. It outstrips the number of Roon users by a significant amount.

Roon had first mover advantage but that’s all. It has increasingly and complacently abused that and the market rarely tolerates anyone trying to sit above or outside of it. It’s market will continue to shrink.

what happens to my nucleus if roon dies?..

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It’s just an intel nuc nothing more, nothing less

Note that Intel NUC is now not being progressed/updated by Intel. Still a bit of support around but I expect that will die off as well.