Roon subscription

After using the Naim app for a few months I have now decided to bite the bullet and take out a one year subscription for Roon. This is after a 1 month trial a few months ago.

I had been impressed by Roon during a trial but not enough to subscribe. I now really appreciate the advantages of Roon. Yes, the Naim app beats it in some respects but overall Roon is worth it.

I have now set the core up on my iMac. It immediately captured all of my iTunes aac files which are repeated on my USB SSD attached FLAC files. I found a setting within settings/library/storage that allowed me to instantly dismiss all of the aac files.

There is a section under main settings/library/storage that allows you to dismiss directories - I entered /Tunes and voila! They were gone!

I have my iMac as core, iPad as controller and NDX2 as endpoint, all connected via WiFi - nice and simple - sounds superb!


Welcome to the club. Hope you enjoy the journey it can take you on.

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I’m just about to embark on the Roon journey with an Audiostore product.

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Have you trialled it first or going straight in?

Well my system can’t use it until I get the box. I like the look of it despite not being a tidal or Qobuz follower. I’m a legacy NDS user with an ageing NAS that needs updating, or at least putting aside so I can have a dedicated music server.

Ok. Hope you like it. It’s different to a lot of software so you have to go with its flow and not what you might be used to. Read all the knowledge bases and ask for help if needed. It has lot of tools to help you with your library but not all are apparent at first looks.

But if you decide it’s not for you you can still fall back to standard uPnP.

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Do not have a high expectation on Roon or anything. I know majority of people who tried Roon, liked it and bought it, but there are some who do not see the point of using Roon.


That was what I was thinking … no need to commit to Roon and there is always Minim.
There is a lot to read to do but it’s listening I’m looking forward to.

I dont see the point of spending £20000 on a streamer. But hey.

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I suppose I’m more interested in a decent music server, but Roon could be a bonus because the Rovi information lacks depth.

Yes, it is silly, but it is even more silly if you have 552/500 as well …

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How much on a DAC if the streamer was split up?

For me not much past £1000. After that it starts to get into wine terrioritry and the law of diminishing returns. I don’t see the point in chasing rainbows and paying more for something when I can perfectly enjoy my music for so much less as I do now. It might well be better but £18000 better? You could say that about Roon though as well, but this brought me more value than any hifi upgrade has.

Even if I had the money to spend that much I can think of way more important and better things to spend it on. I am likely on the wrong forum to express this but there it is.

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I felt that Hugo was the pinnacle of sound reproduction …until I heard Dave. Dave opened a sound beyond my imagination: it was a literal wow moment when I first heard it, as my cellist son came with me, and within about two bars of the first piece of music we looked at each other and his lips mouthed the word “wow”.

But this is digressing from the thread theme. Roon is something that suits some people and not others, tending often to quite strongly polarise views depending on how people like to access music and whether they like other sources of suggestion, and nothing about the quality of sound unless it is used as a renderer, which it seems most people don’t. To those who like it and decide to subscribe I am sure it brings benefits to their music experience: the fact that I don’t and prefer to put the money elsewhere is just me having different needs and preferences.

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Roon is a very nice tool, what is not to like unless you are a 100 albums only sort of guy

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As I said, some people like what it does and how it presents it, some people don’t. The fact that you lthink it is a very nice tool is great, but there is plenty about Roon that other people do not like, with various degrees of strength of dislike, or that they feel does not justify the cost. If you really want a list of reasons what there is not to like for me personally (and at least some of which I know are common to other people), I will be happy to give it.

Not to like vs do not justify the cost are two different things…
İt may not be perfect, nothing is but it is far more interactive tool then any other music player…
Maybe The price tag is little expensive but everything is in Hifi… where else you Find 1000£s Ethernet cables? Not even in NASA or Nuclear power plants:)

Not another Roon thread that gets closed down… :joy::rofl:

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I completed a one month trial about a month ago. The trial was concurrent with a qobuz trial so I found Roon very useful.

Depending on the size of your total rips, would it not be easier to connect a hard drive direct to your streamer? I personally would have stayed with the Naim app if I wasn’t a Tidal subscriber - obviously just my own thoughts though.

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