Roon synology and ndx

The roon for synology cannot direct output by ndx , the only output is the iPhone,we must get a bridge that output by ndx ,we known that synology audio station can choose with device output , Any possible let roon can choose the ndx output?

Not unless (as you say) you have a UPnP Bridge which will allow the NDX to work with Roon.

Thanks your reply. I would like to say the synology audio station can choose iPhone or ndx to output ,roon cannot choose,no this option.

As James says, you need a UPnP bridge to use Roon with NDX. You can use software such as LMS for this, or buy a Sonore UPnP Bridge, which is easier to set up.

The roon server for synology which been install in the synology ,as the audio station,i think if roon can provide option that can choose the output by ndx1.

The NDX is not a Roon endpoint, so that won’t work without a UPnP bridge.

Audiostation will see the NDX as it presents itself as a UPnP player. Roon uses its own network transport mechanism - RAAT so a UPnP bridge will allow Roon to work with the NDX. Naim built this ability into the new streaming platform (such as in the NDX2) which allow the new network players to work with both UPnP servers (such as Audiostation) and Roon without the need for additional hardware.

Thanks James and all of you.i know the reason, it is the roon special way. it must need a bridge.

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