Roon/Tidal and classical music... really effective

I just thought I’d share how useful and intuitive Roon is in conjunction with your latest generation Naim streamer when looking for music by classical composers.
Roon sorts the major pieces of work with a description for each piece, and then references the various recordings available on Tidal, your library, Qobuz etc. You can then select the group of recordings and they are separated out on criteria such as when recorded, conductor etc… this really is a fantastic way of finding and enjoying many classical pieces and performances, and you soon also discover what a rich catalogue of classical music Tidal has… example with Dimitry Shostakovich, we see Tidal has 277 collections of his specific works (Opus etc) all of which will have one or more recordings…

And then selecting Sonata for Viola and Piano in C major, Op 147 the various performance recordings are listed…

Fantastic for the classical music lover…


Absolutely superb and strongly seconded although I find Qobuz better for classical largely because of the greater availability of Hi Res. I do think that Tidal is sometimes unfairly maligned in the size and breadth of its classical catalogue however.

Another feature that I find really first class is Roon Radio for music discovery. If set up this will stream selected similar music from your streaming accounts at the end of the album just played. I have found some excellent albums through using this which I don’t think I would have done otherwise.


Since 1.6 radio has been just amazing, my collection has grown massively since it came out.


For classical music internet streaming, my favorite is the Idagio app. It is simple and lean and the Idagio catalogue is very well tagged. Unfortunately the app does not support folders or labels for organizing a customer’s collection. This is a problem common to most internet streaming providers and the reason why I have eventually cancelled my subscriptions to Qobuz and Idagio.

Roon allows filtering and searching on labels of your physical and virtual (ie Tidal ) collections. I find that label search function useful… especially when looking for a series of recording or releases on a label.
Roon also allows creating your own tag labels and book marks, to allow easier curation of your collections.

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Very interesting, thanks! I have no problems with my own music collection but I find it very difficult to enjoy Idagio (Qobuz, Tidal) without being able to assign labels to favorite albums or, at least, to organize them in folders. Does Roon allow one to assign labels to Tidal and Qobuz albums or is tagging/labeling limited to LAN data?

Absolutely… you can create your own label tags for your virtual collection on Tidal and Qobuz… these tags are obviously stored on your local Roon database.

And with a SonoreUPnP solution Roon can be used with the earlier generation of Naim streamers.
No need to convert to S/PDIF.

Great, thanks!

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