Roon volume control with NAC 332

Hey all,
Is it possible to control volume in a Roon Remote with a 332 pre amp and 350 amps.

I gather it is when using a 333. But I thought it was possible with just a 332 based on previous threads.
Am having no luck currently

The 332 doesn’t have a network capability, so no.

The 333 and 332 have a digital connection that handles volume control, so the preamp can feed volume level information to the Naim app, Roon etc. Without this, Roon has no way of knowing what the 332 volume level is, so I’m afraid you would need a 333.

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Is there anyway I can get the play, pause, next , previous buttons on the 332 remote controlling the NDS?

Currently I have to use the volume on the new remote and the other buttons on the nds remote. Not ideal. :frowning:

Does the Naim App not work?

I never use the naim app. Have been using roon for the last few years and couldn’t go back, but it doesn’t support volume with NDS. So need to use the remote but now 2 remotes.

I am another one with NDS and 332. When you love, you do not count the number of remotes :smile: