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Hi folks,
is it possible to convert flac on the fly to wav with roon?
I’m through the dsp setting, no option here.
Running my roon server in my Innous (works perfectly!) and mounted the internal drive as roon music source.
My music is 100% flac (and some dsd…) …thanks!

Roon converts all formats to PCM to send to the endpoints so there is no benefit (and no way) of converting FLAC to WAV in Roon.

ah, thanks!!!

I may be misinformed but I thought the media server software brands transcode back to the basic intermediate PCM.
Just a question/thought

yes, i could transcode it via minimserv but roon needs NAS access /via SMB/NFS- so no media server is involved here…

Why bother, when sending lpcm there is no further conversion in the streamer. All files Wav, flac, aiff will be converted to lpcm before sending to the dac in any streamer. Roon already sends lpcm so no extra conversion is needed.

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If you use a Roon endpoint - then all media that is not LPCM is converted to LPCM and transmitted by the proprietary RAAT media transfer and control protocol.
The new Naim streamers natively handle RAAT.

ok- got it! So even if I have wav recordings, it’ll transcode it in LPCM and transfer it to the ND555…thanks Simon

Yes WAV almost always uses LPCM so no transcoding is required with WAV.
You can ask Roon to increase sample size and upsample - but those are optional extras that may or may not be appropriate/desirable to use

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