Rose150b to N272

Been struggling with this matter for a couple days. Bought a new streamer that I am connecting to Naim n272 via coaxial. Naim does not recognize any signal from the streamer. Tried the followings
Different cables - thought cable was faulty
New streamer to other dac/amp - thought new streamer was faulty
Tried both digital inputs on n272
Factory reset
Borrow another brand streamer - bluesound

I am at loss as to why it the two can’t talk to each other but happily connect to others.

Thoughts would be most appreciated


Results of these tests would be useful. I can guess but cannot assume.

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What make & model is the streamer?

Oh, clue is in the title, sorry X)

Is the coax output selected, and/or is this a MQA thing?

2-2-3-1. MQA Type
• This is the menu to set the MQA playback mode. You can select Authenticator or Decoder mode.
Only original sound or decoded audio data can be exported to digital output; full-decoded audio
data cannot be exported.

Input activated on 272? Go into app settings and input and make sure the right one is on.

That was my first thought too. Ensure the relevant Input has been enabled. If confused set them all on.

Thank you both, I did enabled all.
Hugely frustrated

Have you set up tne digital output on the 150b correctly? Do not assume that this is configured by default. Read the manual carefully. The Rose us a very capable device with a myriad different settings.

Have you tried the digital out on the 272. I’m running a WIMM pro and no problem


To use the Rose 150/250 in drive with an external dac, I set FIR interpoation phase Filter “Brick Wall Filter”.
I think so it’s the bit perfect function

Analogue thru RCA is fine. It is just the digital out to n272 the problem. Just keen to compare Dac in n272 vs rose Sabre 9038

I took back to the dealer and they are also perplexed as they show me digital out on Rose work with other pre amp

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