Rotel RCD 855

Hi folks I recently purchased a Rotel RCD 855 that was supposed to have had the clock mod. I was looking forward to this as I trying to get a cd player that is close to the turntable as in natural sounding. I have had a few aRotel cd players and been very pleased with them then this Rotel 855 came to me I played it and woooooh what a cd player no harshness so natural similar to turntable. Problem the cd player broke down motor broke down bummer… I need a genuine laser motor unit as the motor cannot be removed any suggestions

The Philips CDM4/19 mech is the one you need.
May be better just to look for a Marantz CD52 that’s being sold for parts, as long as the mech is working.
Many are sold due to drawers not opening.
Easy to transfer over.

Thanks for letting me know is all the laser units the same on the cd 42 and 52 range

Depending on how much you paid for the Rotel, may be best just to buy a well looked after 52, or a 52 Mk2.
Excellent players even now.

I paid zero for the Rotel 855 I think a £40 outlay for the laser unit is a good investment… the cd player has had mods done … I had it going for about 4 hours … it sounded fantastic… but I knew it might have had a problem with the motor… to cut costs I was wandering if the laser unit in the Marantz 42 was the same. If it is I will purchase one and replace the laser in the rotel

Yes its the same mech. It will have a ribbon cable connector and a 2 wire connector. You will just have to carefully mount the new mech into your tray frame. I recall its just 4 hex bolts. Try not to touch the lens in the swing arm.
You also may need to calibrate the new laser.
Check on line how to do this. You only need a multimeter. There should be a 22k and a 4.7k variable resister on the main board allowing these adjustments.
It may be ok as it is.

Hey thanks for the intel… I will get to work on this in the next couple of weeks …

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