Router direct into NDX2?

Excuse me if this question has been answered previously. I couldn’t find it if it has.

My set up is used for internet streaming only. No server.

I am considering relocating my router closer to my rack, actually behind it, and then with a quality cable connect my NDX2 direct. Avoiding switches and cat cabling must give an improved outcome is the logic path I’m following.

My questions are:

  1. Do members think this is a sensible approach that will result in a good outcome?
  2. Does anyone foresee or have experience of any problems that this approach may bring?

Thanks in advance.


I wouldn’t expect a shorter connection to improve anything. Ethernet cables are good for up to 100 metres, so you are well within limits in most domestic situations.
In general I would try to keep the router on a different mains circuit to the HiFi in case it’s electrically noisy, and keep some physical distance too.


As Chris says. Also I’m personally very sceptical about the high quality Ethernet cable approach, although from an electrical noise point of view, putting an Ethernet switch somewhere near your NDX2 and using a good quality cable between the switch and the NDX2 and a cheap standard cable between the router and the switch could be worth exploring.


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Thanks Chris. I accept adequate a d my distance router to switch is about 15mtr.

But would it be better if bypass the switch and Place router closer albeit on a different mains outlet to the NDX2?

Good thought.
Shall add that to the options.

It’s very unlikely to make an improvement and may make things worse. In my view it’s best to keep the computer stuff away from the hifi, and who wants flickering lights in the sitting room? I’d leave it alone.

I can’t see any benefit to moving the router closer to the HiFi. If anything it could make things worse.
If the switch ports on your router are doing the job, there’s generally no reason to add a standalone switch, although if you do, it’s possible that there may be minor effects on sound quality on some HiFi systems.

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Most recommend a switch between the router and the hifi components. More than one switch “daisy chained” is the approach that many use to achieve further isolation.
I got a small uplift by replacing the standard power supply (SMPS) on my PlusOne router with an iFi PowerX SMPS for £99. It’s important to check power levels, e.g. 12v, 1A. I had to buy a separate “DC Tip” as those provided by iFi didn’t fit.
My NDX2, Atom and Qb2 are now linked to a separate WiFi SSID coming off a UniFiAP that is attached using PoE via my network to one of the switches up in the loft. I dropped the hardwire Ethernet connection into these devices - after much work installing cabling through the house… great results now.

If it’s a broadband router… ie superfast, it will almost certainly be electrically relatively quiet, as electrical noise can severely impact VDSL performance… electrical noise here arguably has more impact than Hi-Fi :grinning:

I’d keep away from Hi-Fi, and there are actually some benefits in using long Ethernet wires, like 10m plus… with Cat5e you will get more of a voltage drop, and less Ethernet switching noise power… we are talking mega subtle, but certainly given the choice go longer rather shorter.

Thanks Simon.
Given your previous posts, I think I’ll take heed of your comments.
I was just looking to gain some improvement buy accept that leaving well alone in this case is the best advice.
Thanks again.

My NDX 2 is directly connected to my router and I’m pretty happy with the results, as @Simon-in-Suffolk said it’s relatively quiet (my cable is a 10 meter Chord C-Stream).

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