Router QoS

Thanks to my son, I’ve just acquired a better router with the ablity to set my own Quality of service prameters. I use a Qute2 wired taking music from a NAS using Minim. Just occassionally with big 24/192 files I get momentary drop outs when I access the net from the computer or tablet.
Could someone help me in suggesting the best Qos settings so that the Naim gets the best service.
Many thanks

I’m not really qualified to help and it depends on the equipment you have. I did try to get QoS to work (using pfSense) but to be honest my system sounds better without it. I’m curious if someone has gotten good results.

I am not sure QOS is really going to help here, thats more for when you have many devices on the network who is getting priority. Unless of course there are lots of things on your network, all themselves trying to download lots of stuff?

If this is not the case then its going to be down to other factors such as your broadband speed, sustained throughput.

This is also assuming you a refering to intent files if they are local files then QOS is not applicable. Where is the 192 files coming from?

I didn’t know a Qute2 could take ethernet direct? What’s in front of the Chord Dac? Also what Router did the Prodigal Son recommend?

FWIW I use an Aeus Wifi Router> Auralic Aries G1> Chord Qutest> Naim SN2

It won’t do anything, Naim devices don’t support DSCP or WMM, nor does the internet.
QoS only really makes a difference across routers or switches where the QoS is used to put a suitably marked or designated packet/frame into the appropriate queue on those devices when you have a contention on an interface.
However the media server transfers we have here use TCP, QoS has very little bearing even if supported on such transfers, as the TCP smooths over the queue prioritisation at the expense of a slight increase in latency.

Your dropouts will be most likely due to something else. A media stream at 192/24 is only slightly utilising a 100 BaseT duplex connection… which is the speed used by Naim.

Thanks. The 192 files come off the NAS drive via the router of course.

There’s a wired connection in the rear of the Qute 2. I don’t know the answers to your other questions

Thanks Simon. If the QoS organization of the router output to the Naim and the other devices it feeds are not the answer I’m back to hunting the snark. Oh Hell

Have you tried putting a decent quality switch between the NAS and your Qute?
One thing to try is to add a switch, wire everything to that and then have a single cable between the switch and the router.
I would agree with others comments here regards QoS, it’s not going to make things work any better however putting a switch in the mix is worth a try.
I’m sure others can chip in with recommendations for specific Cisco ones for example known to work well.

WHat is the NAS, what is its utilisation? People get off the shelf nases to work, but those lower down the tier are anaemic in terms of processing power.

Thanks garyii and Mr M. The NAS is pretty basic, a WD MyCloud so perhaps that is the bottleneck.
I’ve not looked into switches. I think I see where you are going with that. Better to spend my time on that than on the Qos it seems
Thanks to everyone as always for the help

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Yes NAS performance and feature sets will vary enormously from basic backup and forget type devices to multidisk redundant products with multiple network interfaces.
If CD rip storage and audio streaming is your primary usecase then you’ll find Synology or Qnap are well regarded. If you have the skills and interest you can also build your own based on something like FreeNAS.
I’d expect with the NAS you have it will have a basic processor and not a lot of system memory to run applications and handle caching and so forth. You’d almost certainly see improvements with investment in a faster and more capable NAS and adding in a good quality switch won’t hurt. Consumer router/modems that aim to do everything in one box almost always come with limitations and compromise, if you can, seperate out specific functions to dedicated hardware.
As an example I have a Virgin Media cable gateway which is an all in one box that acts as a modem, router and Wi-Fi Access Point.
Mine is set to be a dumb bridge/modem only. I then wire that to a dedicated router which in turn is wired to a dedicated Ethernet switch and beyond that a wired Wi-Fi access point and various other kit including my Roon server which is where my main ripped library also lives.

WD My Cloud is one step up from a USB drive. I’d recommend a Synology 2 bay NAS. In the mean time maybe giving the WD a static IP address could help.

I think you might be confusing a Naim Unitiqute 2 with a Chord 2 Qute DAC. You wouldn’t be the first.

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Thanks for even more useful advice.
CD rips and purchased downloads are my sources. The 24-192s came from a purchases to see if I could hear the difference. I have to say for me it’s very marginal indeed over 24-96. I suppose the mst economic answer would be to dump/ downsample them to 24-96 which generally play OK. But like everyone else I suspect, I don’t like going backwards
I certainly would not want to build a NAS; my skills are not that level!! I will look at a Synology 2 bay. I’ve had the MyCloud a while so probably time to move on.
I’m going to try a switch between the NAS and the router this afternoon to se if it helps. I’ve got a Netear one in the loft somewhere
The Qute is a Unitiqute2; well that’s what it says when it lights up and on the box!!
Thanks to everyone

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I think restricting your main music library to 24/96 is a good idea. To my ears there is little or no difference between them, the real advantage being in 24 bit over 16 bit. You could always keep a copy at 24/192 just in case you want to reassess this in future, especially if you ever buy a much more revealing system.
A Synology or QNAP NAS would be a good choice, you will need to choose a server to run on it. I would go for Asset. Then the WD NAS would be ideal to back it up.

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Thaks ChrisSU. I think I’ve concluded

  1. Not to waste any time with Qos
  2. To buy a better NAS, Synology seems the way to go
  3. To limit my music to 24-96, but keep the 24-192s just in case.
  4. To put a switch between the NAS and the router to see if that takes pressure off the router and improves things.
    These are all within my capabilities. One ot two of the other suggestions are probably beyond me, sound as I’m sure they are
    Thanks to everyone

Your suggestions make sense apart from this… this will make absolutely zero difference.

Oh yes with a good NAS with averagely fast disks, 192/24 streaming will be fine.

Given he has the kit to plug in and try it out there seems little harm, not like anyone is off out for dinner or the pub any day soon!

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But on what basis, what are you going to set the policy to and how are you going to map the frames given most consumer equipment doesn’t support DSCP… it’s meaningless and just adds more confusion.
I think the OP needs to get a NAS with the right throughput.