Royalties for Musicians

What happens to Royalties when the musician in question dies? Do they go to his Estate and hence his family or do they stop being paid. My reason for asking is that a friend of mine Ian Bird passed away earlier this month and talking to his wife she was unaware whether Ian’s Royalties would continue to be paid.

Thanks for any advice proffered. Steve2

Interesting question and I think (sorry hate using that word ‘cause you want a definite) they do for up to 70 years after the death of the artist.

Now whether a dependent would receive the royalties depends on the will and arrangements made during the lifetime of the musician.

Check out the story of where Marc Bolan’s royalties go - certainly not to his living relatives!

I’m sure they don’t stop when the owner of the rights dies. The rights will pass to the estate and then on from there depending on the terms of the Will.


Thanks Andy and David for your time and consideration. In the back of my mind I thought that what you said was the case but as I sat talking to Lynne she did not know what was going to happen and I did not want to raise her hopes only for them to be dashed.

I will let her know. Thanks once again.


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