RP6 -> Rp8?

RP6 → Rp8?

Quite a leap in price…considering I need a new preamp too…

Is it worth it (I said I’d never go MC)?

Also thinking of trading in My XS + HiCAP for an SN3…


Yes. But you already knew that :slight_smile:

See if you can trade in for a considerably cheaper SN2 instead. Since the MM phono stage in the SN3 won’t be useful to you.

Yeah that’s the conundrum…by going to SN3 and staying MM I simplify…

Source first and all that!

I’ve come to the conclusion that, for vinyl, Naim = multiple boxes. Yes you can use the MM stage in XS 3 or SN3, but potentially you’ll end up with an MC cartridge at some point. Which means another box.

My guess is that a SN2 with an external phono stage will still be cheaper than a SN3. In which case, I’d go with the SN2 for the price saving, unless the SN3 really sounds amazingly better for the extra money.

…I believe @hungryhalibut went from a P6 to P8 with his SN 3 and felt it was worth the uplift by upgrading the TT.

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Just an out topic question. You preferred the Vertere DG1 vs the P8.
You have now the Mg1. Have you set up yourself the cartridge on the SG1. Does the Sg1 arm needs very precise set up for the cart ? Or is it very easy to set up?

Hi FR, the dealer did the set up. I’ll ask him how he found the process.

The instruction manual is good. Clear instructions.

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Thanks Znai, I am curious to know what he can say about the arm set up, if it’s straightforward or not.

Why wouldn’t it be useful? Didn’t the OP say he would stick with MM in his first post?

I’m not sure if you are referring to the previous models, but I was delighted with the change from Planar 6 to Planar 8. I have an Ortofon 2M Black and use the phono stage in my Supernait 3. It’s a tidy solution and sounds great.


I interpreted the first post to mean the SN3 might be in addition to the p8 upgrade, not instead of.

I also interpreted it that way. Doesn’t explain why you think it would be useless. Unless you’re under the impression that you can’t use MM carts with the P8. Cartridges are pretty much universal, with very few exceptions you can mount almost any cart on any table.

@hungryhalibut uses the SN3 with a P8 using an MM cart for example.

I can’t do both at once. If I get an SN3 then I turn in a Stageline, Nait XS, HiCap, and all the cabling…left with a single box. I’d probably stay with RP6 at that point.

If I go more to the source end then moving to MC is a huge expense, the cartridges are outrageously expensive and that scares the hell out of me because I’m an ape sometimes with the needle.

Of course the amp upgrade lifts all boats, including digital…whereas the turntable upgrade only benefits vinyl.

There are very high performance MM cartridges to be had. Plus with MM you can often replace the stylus rather than retipping and mucking about with realignment on the arm.

If MM makes your life simpler, stick with it.

Not saying which way you should go, but why can’t you go source end and stick with MM? RP8 will certainly be an upgrade, and I think it’s a myth MC is always better.

There’s no technical reason why MC would be superior, and with low output, like most top ones are, the amplification is more critical, so more room for a sub-optimal setup.

A top MM/MI like the 2M Black or Nagaoka MP-500 should give plenty more expensive MC carts a run for their money.

Although I did just spot a potential issue. The input capacitance of the SN3 is specified as 470pF, but that must be a typo. That is already more than any cart I can think of specifies, and cables and tonearm cabling will easily add around another 100. Anyone know, or is willing to measure, the correct value? Or is it adjustable with 470 being the max?

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If it helps, I was using a Planar 6 when I had my 272. I used it with an Ania cartridge and Rega Fono MC and Couple 2 leads. When I bought my Supernait 3, I sold the Ania, Fono and Couple, and replaced them with the Ortofon. I’d always really wanted the Planar 8 so after a few weeks I swapped the 6 for an 8, moving the cartridge across. It’s a very simple solution, and one that works really well. Unless you aim for a really expensive mega cartridge, don’t feel that you’d be missing out with a MM.


Similar but not the same as HH, I have 2M Bronze on my P8 and it sings beautifully through my XS3 phono stage, nice and simple, no extra boxes and PSUs to concern yourself with.

Why do you have to go MC? There are some good MM combos around, have a look at Clearaudio , they bundle some nice packages with quality MMs

I have one myself , Rega are trying to tie you in to MC at that price point , which may be a saving as a bundle but then adds a new phono stage ( and I think a Rega Fono is a bit under-specked for a P8) so the overall cost rises

I wouldn’t consider MC in your place having reservations.
Unless something like cheaper high output MC, Hana EH is quite reasonable priced but still Elliptical stylus, usually not the best trackers compared to Micro Line.

Just look for a good MM like Audio Technica VM, Nagaoka or Ortofon 2M Bronze (I’d avoid the 2M Black due to Shibata stylus, complications to get correct VTA is well known)

A good phonostage could be hidden away and a SuperNait 2 would the cheaper solution, will power up stageline N.

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SN2 sounds like a good option and keeping Stageline. There’s no need for a HiCap for SN2 right? Don’t they use a bigger power supply to upgrade SN2?

I have no problem with the RP6, just with the Exact cartridge I found it to be shrill and cold, except with certain record. I wish for something warmer.

What about a HiCAP for the Stageline?

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