RTI vinyl Pressing,are they good or not,any experiences?

Hi,am looking at buying Atomic Rooster album,Stonedhenge ,pressed by RTI in Mono,have read several comments elsewhere that this company have let their standards slip lately.I already have a decent first pressing,so am wondering if it’s worth getting? Any advice welcome ,thanks.

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My most recent purchases of LPs pressed at RTI have all been uniformly excellent. They were excellent back in the late '90s but then did seem to go downhill a bit, then improved, but went through a bit of a wobble again a few years ago. I have one or two MFSLs, such as the Miles Davis KoB 45rpm where the labels aren’t exactly centred. I like the sound of RTI pressings though. I don’t think they dehorn their lacquers, so you get a slightly different sound when you compare an RTI pressing against say, an EU Optimal pressing taken from the same cut and metalwork.

I can’t comment on the Atomic Rooster album though, as I haven’t got it.

Thanks for info Richard,not owning any other RTI albums just wanted to find out a bit more.Back in the day Stonedhenge was one of my favourite albums,think I’ll give this new pressing a try,thanks again.

What a faux pas,not Atomic Rooster,Ten Years After,I was playing Atomic Rooster when I posted ,apologies,it’s an age thing !

Can confirm Ten Years After (Stonedhenge)
On RTI pressing sounds great,quite different from my original copy ,much more coherent,sorted,they’ve done a good job.

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