Ruarkaudio R1

ruarkaudio R1, many have one, my self included I listen to mine more than my Nait 50 system the latter is better but needs room tuned listening position and being busy elsewhere it’s the R1 that wins the listening hours at a much lower £/listening hour. Will Naim address this as a Salisbury manufactured solution. Many others spend more time away from their main hifi. ASIDE from the Naim offshore produced boxes can we please have a Naim Salisbury
made alternative of the R1 ?

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Don’t Naim have the Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation? Is this not similar to the R1?

Maybe by initial SQ, my experience says only uk manufactured hifi has local service options. All the rest don’t and won’t, this returns my subject to the start. Salisbury handcrafted is a USP and when in the Kitchen / Office/ Study as a safe return on investment is winner. Speaking with 30 years export sales experience I know the global market is a healthy balanced revenue steam and the R1 reworked by Naim in Salisbury would be a global winner.

It wouldn’t be a global winner if it cost an arm and a leg. Anyway, the mu-sos can be repaired in Salisbury should the need arise. It’s always best to avoid xenophobic inferences.


You are right except the focus is on mid upper market the lower end looks at brand strength (risk on investment ) the upper trusts the brand… Salisbury is on a design win on current designs with built in England as an assurance to the next happy client.

My partner has got an older larger ruark device, plays cds, has radio and can stream and it really is excellent for what it is


Since my uniti2 screen faded to black I Bluetooth to an R1 and tbh don’t miss the Uniti. Sounds very pleasant and rounded for a small box. I have been tempted by a QB2 but can’t justify the cost.


The R1 I’ve heard were nowhere near a Muso-Qb, not even footprint and miles away from a simple stereo can perform.
If you want new a Rega System one is hard to beat, add a cheap Bluetooth thing if you want radio/streming too.
If you want used at the cheapskate, sometime a few hundred UKPound can do it.

I’ve avoided Naim’s overseas made products as Salisbury is less able to repair / service products they designed but did not make, surface mount circuit boards don’t help.
My OP focuses on the opportunity for a single box maybe an existing focal speaker, within would be a dedicated amp, a terrestrial and web radio, as well as a port to connect your phone to play some extra tunes all hand crafted in Salisbury.