Rubber Sleeve on straight locking Connector

I have a 4 pin Din to 4 pin Din cable with straight locking ends that is quite old now. The rubber sleeve has come away from the metal body on one end connector. The wires are still connected and everything works fine. Is this seen as an issue and if so can it be easily fixed?

As long as no wires are exposed, the wire is still secured in the connector, then the cable will fine and the strain relief having “popped” out not an issue. Did the rubber strain relief break or has it just “popped out” of the connector? On the DIN end of the strain relief, there should be a rubber ridge. If the strain relief has “popped out” this ridge will be intact and can be gently massaged back into place with a small screwdriver or similar. Other option if one is not handy with tools is to have your dealer or Naim directly fix the strain relief. Or you can visit one of the online sites/dealers and purchase a new connector or entire new cable.

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Thank you Geofiz.

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