Anyone watching?

Oh yes – and just seen the AB v Ireland game, which was closer than the score suggests IMV and, thankfully, wasn’t a kick-fest! Both teams willing to play wide.

I must say I don’t like the ‘ball held up’ (over the line) law, as it doesn’t reward the team which crosses the oppo’s goal line…and, to be honest, in a pile of bodies, who can reliably tell?!

Agreed but you wouldn’t want it to be like American Football where you’ve only got to get over the line. Still think it still needs to be grounded.

Watched most of the NZ v Ireland I was hoping the Irish would win, now I’m going to have to deal with @Bevo :+1:

At least the code & culture of rugby dictates that any debates & disagreements are settled in the bar afterwards, with a beer in hand (and not over the parties concerned).

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And thankfully always in good spirits.

Damn Coopers out.

No comment

Pity Ireland lost Sexton so early

Yeah Cooper out - oh we’ll chance for the young fella to step up - baptism of fire for sure

So many injuries these days - must be the museli they have for breakfast

I remember the all blacks forwards in the good old days would have chops eggs bacon to start them off

Yes and all the sheep were scared :grin:

Ha ha - they could still catch them though :crazy_face:

Nasty injury. Poor kid.

Yep that’s definitely a break. My granddaughter just went yak and ran out of the room

I had to go for a walk to forget what I saw!

So far, England’s 3/4 line looks an uncoordinated mess to my eyes.

It’s a ruse. Start off incompetent. Work your way up to barely competent.

Dropping like flies is the Aussie team - bit of a shame

Hopefully all comes good, but boring at the moment

Both teams bit of a mess to me

As much as it hurts I agree. Aussies look rusty and English don’t look that good either.

Mind you the AB’s looked shocking in the first 20 minutes

All teams rusty at this stage I guess

Very much a pudding of a game to the main course which was large parts of the AB v Ireland game. But what one has come to expect of a Jones’ team.

Wish I had hair that they could pull :crazy_face: