I don’t disagree although the northern tour hasn’t gone to plan it hasn’t gone as bad as expected. There’s no shame in the loses to France or Ireland and the only real hiccup was the narrow lose to Italy.

For sure Pete , not too bad at all with narrow losses when all the media typically saying they will get thrashed

Let’s hope they beat Wales to end on a relatively high note

There’s probably a few here that don’t share your enthusiasm for a game against Wales. :grin:

WHAT!!! Sacrilege.

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Well he has been living here for a long time.

We’ll send him to Georgia!

I’m pretty sure they’ll send him back. :rofl::rofl:

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Thanks very much U2 for your support :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Think nothing of it Bono.

Ha ha

I can talk rugby union until the cows come home as they say

I must say I love watching the way the Wallabies and ABs try to play the open space game, it’s bloody exciting , doesn’t always win the games but it’s great to watch as a spectator and that’s what it’s all about

Who cares about rugby league and football :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


RL is boring.

Have to say I was a little gutted after the Wallabies loss on Sunday. To get that close to the French and Ireland and lose both games is a little deflating, especially after that debacle of game against the ABs, that decision ripped the heart out Aussie rugby.

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Yes indeed but sorry to bring it up on that particular game but the ref decision was correct and vindicated later by all ( even Rennie shut his gob)) - Foley stuffed it up , they had won that game

Never mind that’s sport

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Ok what’s everyone’s thoughts on this weekends games.

I reckon Wobblies to win vs Wales even though it will be tough to even have a full 23 squad , I see Hooper on plane back to Aussie overnight

They haven’t picked the young guy from Brumbies at #10 which is a bit weird, he is on the bench, his confidence must be taking a battering , if this continues he will think sod it and shoot through OS

I think Boks to beat England , will be tough game . Harry no doubt barracking for Boks


I didn’t watch Wales’ last match but by all accounts pretty grim. I actually wouldn’t mind Australia winning; they are good to watch.

I think SA are a better unit than NZ and have all the tools to repel England.


I’m tipping SA to win RWC

As yet haven’t shown their top form

The pressure is all on France

Tedious, lack of imagination and tempo, too deep, passing backwards and sideways with no purpose. England were rubbish.

Oh sorry, should be in the World Cup Football thread…



…and it’s that team in red next :grin: :wales:

Playing very well too!!