Rumble on Netflix

Check out Rumble on Netflix. Rumble is about the Native American impact on blues, jazz and rock. From Charley Patton, to Link Wray, to the Neville Brothers, to Buffy St. Marie, to Jesse Ed Davis, to Robbie Robertson, to Jimi Hendrix, to Steve Salas, to Randy Castillo. I have been around music a while and never knew any of this stuff.

By all means, check it out.


Not available on Netflix here in UK … … … boo, Netflix!

And the great Stevie Salas

Native American poet and activist John Trudell is prominent in the movie, and he recorded an album with the late Native American guitar giant Jesse Ed Davis.

Who among us remembers Radio Free Alcatraz?

“AKA Graffiti Man” is on Quobuz HiRes. Spoken word with Jesse’s band. See the reviews on
Amazon. Check it out.

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