Run SuperNait without speakers connected

Hi all,

I just got a REL T7/x and I have 2 weeks to figure out if I can make it work properly in my room or return it. However the unit is not run-in, so it will need a couple of hours playing at high volume.
My idea for running it in is to connect it via the (low level) sub-out of the SN2, disconnect the speakers and let it chuff along happily for a couple of hours.

Is there any risk of damage to the SN2 by doing so?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

I have a Rel S series sub and in the manual it says to go easy on the sub initially. I am not sure why but that is what it says.

This is what manual says:

On that basis I wouldn’t play it really loud for a couple hours, but set it up and use it normally, especially as it’s a loan model and you don’t want to mess it up for the. future owner.

To give some background, I purchased the REL at a very good price as it was a return from another customer. So it must have been used for a few hours/days already. The dealer still allows for returns within a 14-day window. So it will be “my” REL if I make it work satisfactorily.

That said, the official run in process is given here:

And here by the big boss himself:
How to Break in a Subwoofer - YouTube

The steps are pretty much:

  • 15-20 minutes of moderate play
  • 2 hours agressive run-in @ loud volume (time for dinner outside the house :slight_smile: )
  • 10-12 hours at moderately loud volume (time to go and work at the office)

So it sounds safe to proceed at high volume.
Back to the original question: Is it safe to run the SN2 without speakers?

You could disconnect the hicap output to the power amp, which you would legitimately do if using a separate power amp and the supernait as preamp only, so I don’t see why not. This doesn’t switch off the power amp, it’s just not being used. It’s probably easier to disconnect one end of a snaic than it is to pull 4 speaker connections.

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Just use it gentle first and let the amp get use to its driving balance too.
Gently then a bit more but don’t go silly. :thinking:
Can’t think of anything happy being thrashed from a standing start. :+1:t2:
No point running anything in different to how it’s going to be used.

I’ve found some speakers, especially their LF drivers, to require a run in period after being unused for a while. In particular, the large passive bass drivers on my Shahinian Arcs seemed to require this. I bought them ex-demo and was surprised to find that there was NO bass to start with. It took about 10 days for them to gradually loosen up and work properly.

Not so according to REL. From their break-in instructions:

Don’t think that playing a good sub at modest levels for a year will accomplish much in break-in. While the amplifier will be stable, the driver won’t break-in and seat properly. Maybe with heavy, slow old tech woofers this worked but not with modern, lightweight cone/voice coils.

In any case, I’ve been warming up the subwoofer at a low level for the past few hours, and I am not going to shock it at full blast any time soon. But I will leave it reasonably loud (~11 o’clock volume at SN2) later today while I am out playing in the snow! :snowflake: :snowflake:

Tried to help never mind :roll_eyes:
Good luck if you need a sub in two channel you’ve got the wrong speakers.
AV not HI FI.
I always accept or ignore advice graciously. :partying_face:

I read all advice and consider it carefully. And I am grateful for the time you take to respond.

But if the manufacturer themselves state something contradictory to your advice, am I not allowed to mention it?!

Subwoofer in two-channel is a different discussion altogether, let’s not get there. Many people seem to be happy integrating RELs with their stereo speakers. I should have an informed opinion in a few days.

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You shouldn’t ask for advice then argue you either know or don’t.
Manufacturer should always tell you what’s best.
The rest is common sense.
Chilly Out eh :snowman:

Well to my defence I was only asking if I can disconnect the speakers from SN2, not how I should run in the REL… :wink:

Cheers and let it snow, let it snow… :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:

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Haha no hard. :zap:
To be honest I don’t know I’ve never had a sub.
But makes sense to build up gradually though moving parts and all that… :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:

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